Shri Sivalaya will become the most preferred Nature Cure Centre in Tamil Nādu by 2030 by offering high quality patient care and adapting advanced innovative scientific Naturopathy and Yoga treatment modalities...


  • i. Serve patient with the high quality and kindness
  • ii. We want to ensure the patients time and resource spend in our hospital is worthful and adding values to their life
  • iii. To empower the patient to take care of their health and to achieve complete state of well being
  • iv. Training the clinical and non-clinical staffs and providing opportunity for them to realise their full potential


  • i. Prime objective: patient satisfaction and happiness
  • ii. Ethical and honest medical practice
  • iii. Passion for operational excellence
  • iv. Transparency in all operations and transactions
  • v. Ensuring compliance with legal requirements

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Shri Sivalaya Holistic Natural Healing Hospital

Shri Sivalaya Holistic Natural Healing Hospital was established in the year 2015.

Since its inception the hospital has made its esteemed presence in the minds of natural health seekers, as the most desired choice.

Shri Sivalaya is located in a serene atmosphere, filled with sweet smelling fragrance of nature, greeting tweets of sparrows and dancing wild peacocks leading to a pathway of high canopy, boundless coconut trees, into a sprawling 18 acres of lush green landscape.

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Pavithra DhanabalanPavithra Dhanabalan
06:50 02 Feb 24
I recently stayed in Shri Sivalaya with my grandparents for 10 days. From first day of treatment with healthy delicious foods, juices, etc. my grandparents issues receded gradually for which they were under medications for years & I lose some weight. Starting from Doctors to various caretakers, their ethics and duties were phenomenal. Their daily regime is astounding. They indoctrinated about health-conscious lifestyle to everyone during our stay. This holistic approach made us feel calm & enthu with their immense care & love. Marvellous work! Sivalaya!
11:14 01 Feb 24
This is such a serene place to stay amidst the nature. Beneath the heart texting my honest review, we made our maternal grandparents to stay in Sivalaya for their good health. Right from Dr. Marutharaj, who is a courteous person to swampers, with such tender – hearted people around, it was an amazing experience we had. We returned home heart full with improved health and positive aura from Sivalaya!
Miruna RubanMiruna Ruban
15:09 13 Dec 23
We had an outstanding experience at Shri Sivalaya during our two visits – once in August 2023, where we stayed for 7 days, and another short stay recently in December 2023.The level of service from the doctors (Dr. Marutharaj, Dr. Gnanasekaran, Dr. Thamilarasi, Dr. Senthilraghavan), receptionists (Abi, Mathu & Priya), cooking staff (Viji, Renuka, Saroja, Nanthini & Joseph), massage therapists (Malleeswary, Thanam, Nanthini & Radha) cleaning staff (Monisha, Ponni, Revathy) and security (Jeyaseelan) was exceptional on both occasions.The entire team went above and beyond to ensure a comfortable and healing environment.Special thanks to the doctors for their expertise and care, the receptionists for their warm welcome, the cooking staff for delicious, healthy and nourishing meals, the massage therapists for rejuvenating sessions, and the security for maintaining a safe atmosphere.The yoga sessions and the breathing exercises led by the instructors (Dr. Gnanasekaran, Dr. Thamilarasi & Basheera) are nothing short of excellent. The meticulous and thoughtful approach to conducting sessions right after the ENT wash has proven to be outstanding.Yoga sets a refreshing tone for the day, promoting both physical and mental well-being. The instructor’s expertise and dedication truly make each morning a rejuvenating experience. We are grateful for this exceptional addition to our routine.Not to forget the serene nature and beautiful environment that added to the overall positive experience. The lush greenery, with vibrant green grass in the middle of the treatment area and trees is a visual treat for the eyes.We particularly enjoyed strolls around the coconut garden, immersing ourselves in the refreshing surroundings, and the delight of watching the graceful peacocks. Shri Sivalaya’s commitment to providing a holistic experience is truly commendable.The Badminton court, providing a top-notch facility for our evening games. The court has been the stage for unforgettable moments. After our sessions, the joy of engaging in spirited Badminton games added an extra layer of enjoyment to our experience.Furthermore, the inclusion of swing is a brilliant touch. Swinging not only brings pure delight but also promotes health in a big way. It eases stress, contributes to building core strength, improves balance, and offers a holistic well-being experience. Our time on the swing after playing Badminton has become an integral part of our routine in August, making the overall experience at the venue the best it can be.We highly recommend Shri Sivalaya for their excellent services (Specifically Oil bath, Mud bath, Banana leaf bath, Herbal powder massage, Vibro massage, Coconut milk, Almond milk and Cocoa powder massage) and holistic approach to well-being.During our initial 7-day visit and a more recent 5-day stay, Shri Sivalaya provided an environment where we left feeling nourished, detoxified, and brimming with love and joy for the dedicated staff and the warm, welcoming atmosphere created by the Shri Sivalaya family.We have enthusiastically recommended this rejuvenating experience to our relatives and friends back home in the city. Anticipation is already building, and we eagerly look forward to returning to Shri Sivalaya in 2024.Thank you for making both of our stays so remarkable!Best wishesRuban & MrinaliniCanada
Pete BennettPete Bennett
21:36 21 Nov 23
I visited Shri Sivalaya during the Ayudha Puja celebrations in October. It was my first time visiting India and so this was to be my first impression of the country.I was so taken back by how incredibly friendly and hospitable the staff were. I was continually asked if I needed food, beverages, juices, fruits or a unique treatment that may make me feel more comfortable…my comfort and happiness was their priority.The treatments were like nothing I had previously experienced in Europe, everything was so natural, authentic and effective. From powder massages to exfoliate my skin to a banana leaf wrap sauna in the coconut jungle, it really was an unforgettable experience. I was even treated to full-body Aloe vera covering to help the discomfort from mosquito bites and it made such a difference.I stayed for three days before visiting a wedding, and I couldn’t have wished for a better start to my trip. I left feeling nourished, detoxified and full of love and joy for the staff and family at Shri Sivalaya.I highly recommended this to my friends in the City back home in the UK and I look forward to returning to the Shri Sivalaya in the spring of 2024 with some friends.See you soon!
Shelve P.R.Shelve P.R.
15:05 21 Sep 23
It’s a beautiful place and the treatment was very good.Doctors and staff were really helpful and friendly, healthy food and juices served in a very hygienic way, superb atmosphere, I stayed there for a week, really worth it.
Saravanan BalakrishnanSaravanan Balakrishnan
14:48 27 Sep 22
The best place to get yourself rejuvenated and spend your vacation as well!The staff and the atmosphere here was brilliant. The massages and the nature was top notch. They give you a doctor consultation everyday. The massages and other treatments were excellent. Jacuzzi was one of the highlights. Definitely recommended! The staff were really friendly and made sure we felt at home. If you have long holidays or more than 1 or 2 days to spare, then you should be definitely visiting here.
deepan Kalaiazghandeepan Kalaiazghan
03:57 30 Aug 22
Shivalaya was absolutely bliss.So peaceful and calm environment. Everything was exceptional right from food , stay , hospitality and cleanliness.The detox / rejevunation package was fantastic which was planned and executed well .The mud bath , plaintain leaf , jet bath everything was so refreshing and it was a beautiful experience.Thank you shivalaya.Looking forward for our next stay .
Balkrishna AgarwalBalkrishna Agarwal
07:34 29 Jul 22
One of best experiences I had here. It’s a natural cocoon getaway for my family.Loved everything here, the vibe, natural scenery, the room, the food, cleanliness, treatments, massages, all of it. Most of all commendable is the attitude, service & commitment of the staff here.I had chance to meet the founder of the institute & totally could see the source of ideology of this. Will definitely keep coming back for more. 👍
Chandhini KumarChandhini Kumar
05:02 05 May 22
Had a good time at this place. Staffs were very friendly and attentive. Got to know many information about how to eat, what to eat ,when to eat and about how to cure a health issue with help of food . Doctors were very friendly and explained many facts clearly.
Prabu .PPrabu .P
16:43 24 Apr 22
Me and my wife went for detox treatment. Very nice experience, excellent care by everyone. Food and accommodation very nice. Pleasant location that will give more relax to your mind and body.
sukanya ananthansukanya ananthan
16:10 22 Apr 22
Best place to heal your illness by natural treatment.Doctors and staffs are very kind and caring. Peaceful environment. Comfortable accommodation. They provide fresh juices and food as per doctor’s advice. Highly satisfied and recommended.
Karthikeyan MKarthikeyan M
04:40 28 Mar 22
I was here on March 2022 for detoxification and lifestyle change. This place is one of its kind with abundance of nature and with full of positive vibe. Doctors/therapist are very friendly and knowledgeable. Facilities and food are top notch. I like to revisit this place with my family next time. My sincere appreciation to Sivalaya team for good time here.
Anbu GAnbu G
08:41 01 Jan 22
Stayed there for a week and the experience was very good and we felt very relaxed and light. Right place for nature lovers. Doctors and staffs are very kind and always easy to talk with and they give high importance to the people staying. For any issues you can see a quick response from staff members. It’s a huge place but you will be surprised to see how clean they keep this place. Huge effort and passion is the key. Overall it’s a good experience and special cridit to the people preparing food. Very tasty but a diet food. We will learn how to live a healthy life when we leave this place for sure. They are very open in providing information and also encourage us to share to people to live healthy life. My heartfelt wishes to the doctors staffs and management .
Kanimozhi KanagarajKanimozhi Kanagaraj
02:43 31 Dec 21
If someone looking for best place to change their lifestyle, I would suggest sivalaya is the best place. I got a positive review from our family friend and went there with a hope and expectations. But the place is beyond that and just awesome, planned to stay for 10 days later extended to 15 days. Another home! Doctors and servants shows Good hospitality. Filled with full of positivity. Detox and rejuvenation program worked well. Food and juice served at time. Treatment and staying fee is reasonable. With pleasant environment all can enjoy, there is places for walking, jogging, badminton, cricket, etc.Morning yoga and evening dynamics are the best, works magic for weight loss. Best place to loose weight very simply and easily. Provided lot of simple tips we need include in our diet. Another highlight no medicine, treat our body in natural ways.Safety is guaranteed. It is also a good place to stay with children or couple or single. Neat and clean room with all the basic requirements and proper daily cleaning. Even after the treatment gets over we can contact the doctors for any health related doubts. Very kind of them. One best thing happened in my life to change my life style. Thank you Sivalaya for serving best to us💫
Boopathi TBoopathi T
15:57 04 Aug 21
Stayed there for a week..The treatments included Yoga, Meditation, Nature Cure Therapies, Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, heat treatment as well as Controlled Diet including Fasting. If the goal is healing, rejuvenation, internal cleansing, do consider Sivalaya as a resort for stimulating, freshening, energizing, exhilarating, rejuvenating of body and soul.Doctors here are excellent,kind and soft spoken..Yoga sessions were enjoyable and the instructors were very patient – they dont force us to do those that are very difficult . Yoga is well-organized and gets demonstrated by the staff and the arewith precision..We got to learn a lot from them. The sessions were quite informative and inculcates a habit in you, provided you are willing to receive it.The therapists are highly trained, disciplined and empathetic. They demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and clarity. Mud Bath is a unique experience to cleanse the skin with natural mud – also try the full-body application of a Aloe vera , coconut milk, etc..Plantain leaf bath…The food is well prepared and healthy..The dining hall clearly says that food is to be treated like medicine.This diet is quite healthy and is in line with the treatment goals. The meals center is quite spacious and hygienic. You will see the discipline and order at its best, when compared to the external world we live in. You need to have an open mind and to be ready for the change and accept it.


  1. Flask & water bottle
  2. Comfortable cloth for yoga
  3. Loose cloths for treatment (T-shirts, Track pants, Nighties, chudidhar )
  4. Personal needs (Towel, Brush, Paste, soap, Anti slippery sandals or foot wear)
  5. Medical reports
  6. Medication (which is taken regularly)
  7. Yoga mat – bring your own yoga mat for your personal use if cant you can use our hospital mat ( washed mats) throughout your stay and can return while leaving the hospital
  8. Aadhar card xerox
Sivalaya is named so as the treatment and healing methodologies practised at sivalaya comprise of Natural therapies from different origin which we congregate, to provide comprehensive cure for various ailments of Body and Mind.
Shri Sivalaya is a holistic Natural Healing Hospital which not only treats obesity, but also Patients with various diseases and disorders, We offer rejuvenation packages to those who wish for a relaxing hospitality.
The minimum duration of stay is 5 days and the maximum stay may vary depending upon the condition of the patient and the decision of the attending physician.
Sivalaya employs Registered Naturopathic physicians with the Degree of BNYS , recognised by the Govt of India and the Ministry of AYUSH.

Sivalaya has trained male and female therapists who have a wide and vivid experience in delivering treatments.

Weight loss depends upon the type and composition of the patient’s body. We at Sivalaya help in mobilisation of fat using suitable methodologies and techniques. Loss of weight may vary with each and every patient. You may be able to retain the weight loss with good follow up practices.
We do not give any medicines for intake in our hospital premises. But patients are allowed to continue their previous medications if any.
Sivalaya offers wholesome and Natural Diet which includes, Millet based foods, Raw salads, Vegetables, Greens, Fruits, Fruit juices, Vegetable juices, Dry fruits & nuts. Diet varies for every individual based on Doctors prescription.

Kindly book your room atleast by 20 days in advance by paying the advance deposit, in order to avail the room you prefer. Last minute requests may be denied in case of Non- availability of rooms.

The hospital offers high class facilities at affordable price for all class of customers. The accommodation charges are inclusive of diet, cleaning, maintenance and electricity charges, since we run the hospital with a non- profit motive, we do not offer any concessions.

Yes! We do offer pick up and drop facilities against fixed charges. Advance booking is must for availing the facility and a text message with the time of your arrival and pick up or drop location must be sent to the cell number of the hospital reception. Charges will be collected by the driver himself after your travel.

Yoga better to be practiced in empty stomach. In case of light meal one can do after 2 hours, and for heavy meal on can do after 3 hours.
Better to avoid yoga during menstrual cycle specifically anything which increase the negative abdominal pressure so better to practice pranayama, Meditation & relaxation.
Any female patient who wants to get admitted in Shivalaya, let them plan accordingly such a way that their menstrual cycle not going to happen during their stay.

Special treatment

Our Team

Mrs. Shanthi
Mrs. Shanthi is a committed and determined entrepreneur whose, sole purpose of establishing the nature cure hospital is to redeem the lost and forgotten traditional roots of natural healing, practiced by our ancestors and to provide consistent health through sophisticated nature cure therapies for all those who reach the gateway of Shri Sivalaya.
DR.V.MARUTHARAJ BNYS, M.Sc (Psychology), M.Sc(Counselling & Psychotherapy)

Dr.V .Marutharaj has 20 years of rich clinical experience in treating patients through Naturopathy and Yoga he is well known for his social media YouTube and Facebook channel AATHICHOODI which creates health awareness among public…

Resident Medical Officer
Dr.A.Gnanasekaran BNYS
Dr A. Gnanasekaran  young vibrant resident medical officer who heads the day to day operation to provide optimum Healthcare to all inmates…
Medical Officer
Dr.M.Naveena BNYS
Dr M Naveena a compassionate and brilliant Naturopathy physician who is our medical officer and great team player in organising day to day clinical care system in our hospital…
V.Senthil Raghavan B.P.T. D.S.P. D.S.M.MIAP.,
V.Senthil Raghavan is our chief physiotherapist has 22 years of clinical experience who heads the pain management and rehabilitation…


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