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Shri Sivalaya Holistic Natural Healing Hospital  was established in the year 2015.

Since its inception the hospital has made its esteemed presence in the minds of natural health seekers, as the most desired choice.

Shri Sivalaya is located in a serene atmosphere, filled  with sweet smelling  fragrance of nature, greeting tweets of sparrows and dancing wild peacocks leading to a pathway of high canopy, boundless coconut trees,  into a sprawling 18 acres of lush green landscape.

The hospital is well equipped with 35 beds in-patient facility.  Our physicians and therapists are qualified professionals with wide field experience, who render yeoman service with traditional touch and utmost care, to ensure harmonious restoration of state of health.

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Mrs. Shanthi

Founder - Shri Sivalaya

Mrs. Shanthi is a committed  and determined entrepreneur whose, sole purpose of establishing the nature cure hospital is to redeem the lost and forgotten traditional roots of natural healing, practiced by our ancestors and to provide consistent health through sophisticated  nature cure therapies for all those who reach the gateway of Shri Sivalaya.


DR.V.MARUTHARAJ BNYS, M.Sc (Psychology), M.Sc(Counselling & Psychotherapy)


Dr.V.Marutharaj has done his medical course (BNYS) in S.D.M Collage of Naturopathy & Yoga Sciences, in the year 2002,and M.Sc Psychology in Bharathiar University in the year 2006, and M.Sc.Counselling & Psychotherapy in Tamilnadu open University in the year 2009.

He was a Gold Medalist & Best Outgoing Student of completing BNYS. He worked as a Medical Officer & Lecturer in S.D.M. Collage of Naturopathy & Yoga Science in 2002-2003. Later he joined Lotus Apollo Hospital Erode, in the year of 2003 – 2020(May). He has presented various papers and attended as an invited speaker in many clinical meeting, conference and workshops about Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy in Supplementing Conventional System of Medicine, Role of Naturopathy Yoga therapy and counseling in the Management of Psychiatric illness, Holistic Approach in Functional Bowel Disease. He was the Scientific Co-ordinator for Naturopathy &Yoga Conference Conducted in Dharmasthala,Karnataka,India in March-2008
He had organized 2days Naturopathy & Yoga Therapy Workshop for Doctors from Allopathy system of medicine at Lotus Hospital,Erode,Tamilnadu,India in February – 2008. Co-Founder and Director of Aathichudi Centre for neuro cognitive Rehabilitation for children with ADHD and Dyslexia.
Running a YouTube channel “Aathichoodi” which helps in creating health awareness among public. He treats diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Psoriasis, Metabolic disorder, Obesity, Sexual dysfunctions, Insomina, and management of psychosomatic Disorders, Chronic Disease and Disorders, Lifestyle Related Diseases & Disorders, and Expertise in Positive promotion of Health. Till now he conducted 15 Naturopathy & Yoga Awareness Camps in schools around 6730 school children are benefited. In a span of 18 years of clinical practice, he has treated 25,000 patients. He is the MEDICAL DIRECTOR for Shri Sivalaya holistic natural healing Hospital. You can have an appointment to consult with him.


DR. R.S. Jini Angel BNYS

DR.R.S. Jini Angel has done her medical course (BNYS) in JSS Institute of Naturopathy & Yogic sciences. She has worked past 2 years in HI CURE Acupuncture centre in Chennai. She cures diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Insomina,  obesity, Respiratory disorders and arthritis success fully. She is trained in naturopathy treatments at Coimbatore,Trichy & Bangalore. She conduct classes about naturopathy techniques & stress management. She is the Residential Doctor in ‘’Shri Sivalaya Holistic Natural Healing Hospital – Kangayam ‘’

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