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Naturopathy is a unique, ancient drugless system of healing. Naturopathic medicine emphasizes on preventive, promotive and curative aspects of health. Nature cure therapies do not produce any side effects; instead they promote healing by reviving the body’s inherent vital power. Naturopathy works on the theoretical basis of Pancha Maha bhootas which constitute the human body.

At Shri Sivalaya various treatments corresponding to the elements of nature are employed for curing ailments namely, Hydro Therapy, Mud Therapy, Helio therapy/ sun therapy, Vacuum Therapy, Fasting and Diet therapy and many more drugless and non-invasive therapies. Both the Therapy and Diet sections are well equipped with modern equipments, specialised apparatuses and innovative accessories to provide prompt and adequate service to every person.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga is an integral part of Natural healing. Like naturopathy the origin of yoga dates back to pre vedic period. Even though yoga is practiced as a popular system of physical exercise in the western world, in Indian traditions it has a spiritual core. The efficacy of yoga as a complementary intervention in the management of various disorders has been intensely researched.

At Shri Sivalaya Yogasanas , pranayamas and allied yogic practices are grouped and designated for individuals, in order to produce therapeutic effects. Regular Yoga sessions are conducted in the morning and therapeutic sessions for disease specific individuals are conducted in the evening. Exclusive yoga sessions for children are conducted on weekends.

Diet Therapy

Diet therapy is a broad term for the practical application of nutrition on the preventive and restorative treatment of disease. Diet is a “manner of living”. The food that is eaten governs the physical, mental and emotional qualities of a person.
The comprehensive system of Nature cure at Shri Sivalaya imparts healing by providing sathvic food that is wholesome food of plant origin which is raw, natural and uncooked obtained from home grown garden. Hygienically cooked food conducive for digestion is served for the geriatrics and for those who are in need, as implicated by the Doctors.

Fasting Therapy

Fasting therapy by adopting liquid diet is the best form of internal cleansing. Resting the organs of digestion for a short or long period, devoid of solid food boosts the immunity and vitality of the body which help to combat disease forces. The juices are freshly extracted by preserving the nutrients and served hygienically in their natural form without additives.


Hydrotherapy / Water therapy is the use of water in the treatment of different bodily conditions to relieve discomfort and promote physical well being. Water is an adjuvant which when applied over the body in different temperatures and modalities; helps stimulate and invigorate the inert vital forces. Water infused with herbs and essential oils is of therapeutic value as it reduces stress, relieves pain and rehabilitates the injured muscles.

Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is where purified mud is applied directly over the body or in the form of packs. Mud, one of the five elements of nature, corresponds to the muscles and bones of the body. Mud obtained from various sources has vast therapeutic properties due to the rich content of minerals. Mud therapy is an effective detoxificant for relieving skin conditions like pigmentation, pimples and boils. It cools the body and reduces inflammation and swelling.

Plantain leaf therapy

Plantain leaf bath is a sudation therapy which enables healing through elimination of toxic wastes by inducing sweat. The plantain leaves that wrap the body filter the harmful rays from the sun and enable healing of skin conditions through healthy exposure. The therapy restores homeostasis by regulating the secretion of hormones which counteract symptoms such as sore muscles, shifting pains in joints, mood swings, hot flushes like in case of Menopausal women and in other similar disorders.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy involves methodological manipulation of the superficial and deep tissues of the body. Massage improves blood circulation and thereby tones up the nerves and nourishes the muscles. Massaging the body with herbal and aromatic oils recovers strained and painful muscles.


Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine which is practiced world wide as an alternative therapy. Inserting fine needles on specific points of the body to manipulate the flow of energy along the meridians or the energy channels help achieve homeostasis and relief in many ailments.


Acupressure is a similar form of therapy like acupuncture. Instead of piercing needles into the body, the symptoms are relieved by pressurising the energy points by using fingers and mechanical probes. Acupressure is effectively applied along with Massage therapy.


Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation method which uses mechanical force in the form of passive and active exercises and electrical theraphy like muscle stimulator, IFT and ultrasound, etc., to remediate impairment by relieving pain and discomfort and improve mobility and function.


Chromotherapy is a century old science of using the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation from the sun to treat diseases. The varying frequencies of different colours have different vibrations which affect a person’s mood and as well as the physical and mental health.

Children Yoga

Weekend sessions on yoga and meditation are organised for children every Sunday to improve memory and concentration. Children between the age group of 7 -16 yrs are enrolled for the sessions.