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  1. Flask & water bottle
  2. Comfortable cloth for yoga
  3. Loose cloths for treatment (T-shirts, Track pants, Nighties, chudidhar )
  4. Personal needs (Towel, Brush, Paste, soap, Anti slippery sandals or foot wear)
  5. Medical reports
  6. Medication (which is taken regularly)
  7. Yoga mat – bring your own yoga mat for your personal use if cant you can use our hospital mat ( washed mats) throughout your stay and can return while leaving the hospital
  8. Aadhar card xerox
Sivalaya is named so as the treatment and healing methodologies practised at sivalaya comprise of Natural therapies from different origin which we congregate, to provide comprehensive cure for various ailments of Body and Mind.
Shri Sivalaya is a holistic Natural Healing Hospital which not only treats obesity, but also Patients with various diseases and disorders, We offer rejuvenation packages to those who wish for a relaxing hospitality.
The minimum duration of stay is 5 days and the maximum stay may vary depending upon the condition of the patient and the decision of the attending physician.
Sivalaya employs Registered Naturopathic physicians with the Degree of BNYS , recognised by the Govt of India and the Ministry of AYUSH.

Sivalaya has trained male and female therapists who have a wide and vivid experience in delivering treatments.

Weight loss depends upon the type and composition of the patient’s body. We at Sivalaya help in mobilisation of fat using suitable methodologies and techniques. Loss of weight may vary with each and every patient. You may be able to retain the weight loss with good follow up practices.
We do not give any medicines for intake in our hospital premises. But patients are allowed to continue their previous medications if any.
Sivalaya offers wholesome and Natural Diet which includes, Millet based foods, Raw salads, Vegetables, Greens, Fruits, Fruit juices, Vegetable juices, Dry fruits & nuts. Diet varies for every individual based on Doctors prescription.

Kindly book your room atleast by 20 days in advance by paying the advance deposit, in order to avail the room you prefer. Last minute requests may be denied in case of Non- availability of rooms.

The hospital offers high class facilities at affordable price for all class of customers. The accommodation charges are inclusive of diet, cleaning, maintenance and electricity charges, since we run the hospital with a non- profit motive, we do not offer any concessions.

Yes! We do offer pick up and drop facilities against fixed charges. Advance booking is must for availing the facility and a text message with the time of your arrival and pick up or drop location must be sent to the cell number of the hospital reception. Charges will be collected by the driver himself after your travel.

Yoga better to be practiced in empty stomach. In case of light meal one can do after 2 hours, and for heavy meal on can do after 3 hours.
Better to avoid yoga during menstrual cycle specifically anything which increase the negative abdominal pressure so better to practice pranayama, Meditation & relaxation.
Any female patient who wants to get admitted in Shivalaya, let them plan accordingly such a way that their menstrual cycle not going to happen during their stay.