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Flask & water bottle
Comfortable Cloth for Yoga
Loose Cloths for Treatment

(T-shirts, Track pants, Nighties, chudidhar)

Personal Needs

(Towel, Brush, Paste, soap, Anti slippery sandals or foot wear)

Medical Reports

(which is taken regularly)

Yoga Mat

Bring your own yoga mat for your personal use if cant you can use our hospital mat ( washed mats) throughout your stay and can return while leaving the hospital

Aadhar Card Xerox

General rules

The hospital functions on all days including Sundays, from 9.00 am to 5.00pm

Consultations, enquiries, Visits, Admissions , cancellations, postponements and discharges will be carried out only during the stipulated time (9.00am to 5.00pm)

Patients must ensure their stay until the booked time to obtain maximum benefits through our treatments and avoid premature discharges.

Attendees and Care takers can be accommodated along with the patients and will incur additional charges for stay & food depending upon the type of accommodation.

Guests are not allowed stay with patients overnight. The visiting time for guests will be from 11am to 12 pm in the morning and 4pm to 5 pm in the evening.

Guests will not be encouraged to meet with the patients in their rooms.

Food or eatables from outside will not be permitted in the campus as the patients will be subjected to a scheduled diet regimen for their illness.

Usage of Tobacco, pan, zarda, smoking, coffee, Tea and alcohol during the stay at the hospital is strictly prohibited.

Patients are not permitted to go outside during the period of admission except in case of an emergency provided with prior approval from our Doctors.

Mobile phone usage is strictly prohibited in Doctor Rooms, Treatment and diet sections, meanwhile; it can be used in other common places and within the accommodations.

Bringing valuables and jewellery must be avoided. Excess cash in hand can be handed over in the reception as a deposit for which a voucher shall be issued. Cash can be collected as and when needed.

Tarrifs, policies, rules and regulations and guidelines are subject to revision by the will of the management without prior notice.

In Patients are Requested to follow the under mentioned Rules & Regulations

Patients must meet with their respective Doctors in their consulting rooms everyday as per the time allotted by the Doctors. Meeting the Doctors at their residence is strictly prohibited and in case of an emergency the security can be contacted who in time will refer the Doctor in time. Security No is ………………

The patients should maintain punctuality, Strict discipline while going for Treatments, yoga, Pranayama, Special Lecture classes, Taking Food etc.,

Food Will be available in dining hall only till 11.30 am in morning session and 6.00 pm in evening session.

Patients are responsible for their belongings, please avoid bringing jewellery and valuables into the hospital. The management cannot be hold responsible for any loss. Cash possessed can be deposited in the reception and obtained the receipt. It can be withdrawn within the office hours.

The Patient must exhibit care in handling the belongings of the hospital any damage is subjected to reimbursement. They must switch off the lights fans and Air Conditioners when not in use and keep their rooms tidy.

The Patients should be dressed in a dignified manner. Decent loose Fitting clothes are preferable. Short Skirts and short pants are not allowed for ladies.

Male and female inpatients should confine themselves to their respective rooms, Entry to other rooms is strictly prohibited social gathering shall be only at common places such as activity area, kudil etc.,

The visitors are allowed only during the visiting hours, from 5.00 pm to 6.00 pm. Visitors are permitted to meet the patient only with their consent.

Habitual intake items like tea, coffee, snuff, pan, tobacco, cigarette, alcohol and food of any kind from outside is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be violating this rule will be discharged without inquiry.

Helpers / Attenders are allowed to accompany the needy patients only on doctors discretion. Normal diet adopted for patients will be provided to them. Any form of food from outside for the attender also is strictly not permitted.

Cell Phones are strictly prohibited in treatment area, Yoga hall and dining hall. Conversations over the phone and music played should not cause disturbance to the other inmates.

Money transaction with the hospital staff or using the staff for purchasing things from outside are strictly prohibited.

Tips and Gifts to individuals will not be entertained, it can be deposited in the Donation box.

Patient are requested to maintain the peace and harmony during their stay at our home. The patient must retire to bed positively by 9.00 pm, chit – chatting during free hours and after 9.00 pm will not be permitted as this may disturb other patients.

Discharge procedures can be completed by 4.00 pm the day before checkout Patients can check out by7.00 am. At any case patients must vacate rooms by 8.00 am. Any patient wants to get discharged prior to their allotted period, it should be informed to office 3 days in advance.

The Management holds every right to visit the rooms of the patients and check their belongings for prohibited items during their period of stay.

All Patients are expected to maintain strict discipline and obey the rules and regulations. The management reserves the right to discharge the patient at any time, who do not abide by the rules and regulations.